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Subversive Records -

A doo woo wop shoopa woody woo.

Subversive Records

New Releases:

"Vorsichtsmassnahmen" by Vocabularinist

Something a little different from the band that specialises in being different. Tracks were recorded at home by individual band members, before being assembled and mastered in the studio. Provides an insight into the twisted workings of the Vocab's collective mind. Not as intense as previous offerings, but definitely easier listening.

"Songs For The Ocean" by Sonic Emotion Explosion

Recorded in warm fuzzy lo-fi on cassette decks and four-tracks in their friends' loungerooms, this collection of perfect pop ditties captures the simple elegance of SEE, and leaves the listener wanting more.

"VoodooDisko" by The Oppenheimer Project

Fascinated by the connection between Haitian voodoo ritual and nightclubbing, TOP has produced a CD of sublime but breathtaking proportions, blurring the distinctions between drum'n'bass, bigbeat, trance and disco. A CD for "dancing, seated, with eyes closed".

"Language Of The Birds" by Frankie Death

A collection of FXD tunes previously released only on cassette (and some new tracks too). Features tracks from "Gone", "The Window" and "Dreamer", digitally remastered and packaged in environmentally-friendly cardboard.

New Distro:

"Eve" by Chiron

Chiron (featuring ex-members of Ikon, and B-2's Shura & Leva) release their debut CD on Italy's Energeia label. In this dark and moving collection, Chiron touch on gothic, darkwave and even a touch of new romantic styles, to produce a an album of spellbinding intensity.

"Crazy Space Ballet" by Wallscape Paperlounge

Wallscape Paperlounge is the work of the enigmatic Anthony O. Insectoid soundscapes abound, with smooth beats and organic blippage transporting you to uncharted planetary regions.

Coming Soon:

"Insect Music" by Locii

Anthony creates more alien landscapes for us to enjoy and ponder.

"Waiting For A Bus" by Vocabularinist

More mindless techno-jamming over at Farnzy's place, but this time featuring the mind-warping effects of their new secret weapon. Are you ready for it yet?

Studio Happenings:

The Oppenheimer Project is an expanding universe! Ozzie O. has now joined the ranks as beat generator and shirt scratcher, and T.O.P. are now working on new material in a laid-back, dubby kind of vein, with disco diva Nikki D and NovaDust's Dee providing vocals on a couple of tracks. Jay Perx (turntablist extraordinaire) even mixes it up on a couple of new tracks. Check for new tracks before they get released.

Frankie Death has discovered technology! Watch out for a new release from FXD soon, featuring his new-found computer-based production skills.