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Subversive Records -

Not what you'd expect.

Subversive Records

About Subversive Records:

Created in 1994 as a tax loophole for a bizzarre cult of alleged alien abductees, Subversive Records has since expanded into a heartless multinational conglomerate, feeding on raw, undiluted talent, and spewing out great gobs of sound-bites and disturbing data.

Initially, a number of cassette releases of Australian underground material led to a compilation ("Six Pack Rider"), more tapes, CDs, CD-rs, another compilation ("The Collection"), and eventually a collaboration with 7-Seater Records, which saw the two labels merging under the Subversive banner, and boosting the mail-order list with the back-catalogue of Vocabularinist, Bumscuzz, DJ Urinal Cake and Will Wallace material.

Subvert zine, (now in it's 6th year - and 9th issue) was originally formed as a soap-box for Subversive artists to voice their opinions from, but somewhere along the way, we got a bit carried away. After 8 print issues, which saw the zine expand from 16 pages to 48, with articles ranging from bands and music, to alternative energy sources, alien geneology, feng shui and hydroponics. Due to the cost of production of the zine, (and the disappearance of trees from the planet in the late 20th century) and after much procrastination, subvert has gone online - you'll find the latest subversive information here.